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Number of words taught in the course?

Sorry for not being able to write in Czech. I'm working my way through the course in preparation for Czech for English Speakers.

I've been interested in seeing how long the course is by counting the number of skills, lessons, and words.

I've counted 285 lessons and 55 skills, but I'm not sure how many words are taught. Would anyone here know?


July 5, 2017

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The total number of words taught in the course is 2009. Keep in mind that they are the English words being taught and that several effects may make this a less than useful piece of information.

Some of these words may have become totally disconnected from any sentences introducing them because of something Duo has done with their database to enforce sentence "viability" since the course was released. Long story. If no sentence introducing the word survived this step, no exercise using that word would presumably be shown to users. The total number of words with at least 3 sentences introducing it is 1676. No stats tell us the number of words with 0 sentences. Probably close to 2000 words did survive with at least the minimum viability.

Some of the "words" may actually be containers for multiple forms of the same lexeme. So "thing" and "things" (and "bring" and "brings") could be in the same "forms of" bucket, respectively, and count as one in either case.

On the other hand, I think the same word could be introduced multiple times. The reason I am not sure is that I have been focusing on the Czech course for a long time, and Czech is not an "in-house" language, so the course structure is not subject to the same constraints on lexeme duplication as a course teaching an "in-house" language would be.


Thank you That makes sense. 1500+ words is a lot so definitely useful to do to learn Czech. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into the courses and helping people! What do you mean by "in-house" languages? Is that like contributor made courses like Czech vs courses made by Duolingo staff like Spanish and French?


Yes, "in-house" languages are those that had courses for them before the Incubator was created. I think they are English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. It refers to the language being taught regardless of what it is being taught from. So the En<-Cs course teaches an in-house language and the tree is subject to the in-house rules and constraints, while the reverse Cs<-En course teaches a not in-house language, or as I like to call them, an "outhouse" language, with different course assembly constraints.


Ah I see. Thank you. I didn't know that in-house languages had different constraints to non in-house languages.


Pred par dnami som ukoncil cely kurz CZ - EN a pocet slov v mojom slovniku je 1850. Celkovy pocet slov je vsak cez 2000. Ako sa mozem "doucit" zvysne, aby som dosiahol uroven "Ucenec"?


I have exactly the same issue. I am almost complete in course CZ-EN, but words count is at value 1845. How can I achieve limit 2000 words?

Naučte se jazyk za pouhých 5 minut denně. Zdarma.