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German Grammar

Hi... I understand German in A1-A2 (sometimes B1-B2 too) level more than 10 years... But I never had time for learning it seriously with books, exercises etc. It was always my sixth language... In last 1 year, I did something (for example 249 day streak (but some of them only for do not lose the streak)) to improve German... Online Tests say that I am in "B1" level now... But I can't speak, I mean, I afraid to say non-simple sentences in German, because of GrammarPhobia. I feel German Grammar very confusing... I feel even tired after looking 10 minutes to Grammar rules of that language... So... I want magical (? :/) recommendation for understanding how German Grammar works... Maybe one of you had the same problem like me and one day you found wonderful book or website or whatever else to solve this problem... I should improve my German with learning its Grammar, because, I want to pass TestDaf exam by the end of this year... What do you think, is it possible? :)

Thanks a lot!

July 5, 2017



There is no magical solution. The only solution is practice.

Find a native to talk to for several hours a week, read the news and listen to as much natural German as you can. If a grammatical point confuses you, look it up or ask your speaking partner. Study grammar in small chunks rather than trying to cram it all in rapidly.

Constant speaking practice will form the correct patterns in your brain and when you spesk, your brain will just know that they're right. Grammar study is necessary, but practice is what cements the rules in your mind.

Try Italki for either a paid tutor or an amateur speaking partner.


I am/will try(ing) to speak more... I tried iTalki too, but I didn't find no one to speak there))) I wrote "hallo"; "wie gehts" etc, and received no answer) But in other sites like iTalki I talked with natives... The problem is when I am talking people that I don't know, there is no theme to talk about... And our conversation stuck at "hallo, wie gehts, Ich bin x Jahre alt, Ich bin aus y, Ich studiere z..." Thanks!


That´s all, more one can´t say about that.


The Hammer Grammar YouTube series was very helpful when I was learning German. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2fCGQa2PY7CDJkKsRiYNC-7XxiU4I10f


Subscribed and began to watch... I hope this will help me... Thanks!


Yes, German Grammar is awful (and I am a German native speaker), but it is usually quite tolerant against mistakes. So even if you make a mistake, people will understand. And be assured: A lot of native speakers don't know their grammar. Vienna and Berlin e.g. are both famous for their inhabitants mixing up dative and accusative. As for gender of words - it's a mess. Here in Austria the radio is "das Radio", in Germany it's "der Radio". Butter (which is the same in English and German) to my knowledge is "die" in Austria, "der" in Germany (or at least parts of) and "das" in Switzerland. So just dare to speak and trust us to understand you.


You are not alone. I am learning Polish about one year now, finished the Duolingo EN-PL tree some month ago, keep him gold since one year now, I can answer nearly all questions in the tree more or less easily and I can understand more and more Polish by reading and listening. But I also have a 'GrammarPhopia' (btw. nice word :-) ), because of the 3 more cases Polish has compared to German. And so beside of very simple ones like 'I am eating an apple.' I do not have the courage to produce sentences in Polish by myself.

So I am in the same situation as you and I´ll also try to read more real Polish (not only textbook texts), watch movies and try to find language exchange partners. This may be the only way to get fluent.

One another hint may be: My English is far from perfect, but for some reason I am not afraid to create sentences with errors and I hope, that others can understand, what I want to say. This I want to reach also in other languages. So be not afraid of making errors! Do them and then correct them. All is better than to do nothing! We learn through practice and errors and in German, we have an idiom 'Es ist noch kein Meister from Himmel gefallen!', meaning, that everyone has to practice to master something.


Thank you for all)) My English is far from "normal"... It (English) is my fourth or fifth language... But yes, I don't afraid to write my complaints about German and other stuff in English, despite I never practiced it (English) in iTalki or in uListenu whatever :D... Because there isn't any exception of exception's exception in English as I know... I will travel to Germany for a 1-month language course to make tons of mistakes in their süße language... I hope they will help me to write at least such (which I am writing now in English) texts in German... Thanks one more time... ^_^

P.S. "You are not alone." is the most motivational thing to hear ever... I give you 10 Lingots for these words and 1 Lingots just to thank... ;)


:D You are welcome and many thanks :-)

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