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Get rid of health

How do you get rid of the health, it's so frustrating and is stopping me from learning Italian

July 5, 2017



Hi Louise494698,

Could you relocate this discussion in the “Troubleshooting" forum? Which is the place meant for such discussion. Thx!

To relocate it (*), edit your original post then select said forum in the drop-down menu on top-left of the edition area (see here for details).

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How do you get rid of the health

You can't.

But you can use the webversion of Duolingo (either on your phone or on your computer) where the Health system doesn't exist.


You could get rid of it by using the website (where you can instrall skill strength, tree enhancer user scripts) or switching over to Android.

Or creating multiple DuoLingo acounts where one finally does not have the health (A/B health test group).
According to an announcement from Luis about "Health updates" there must multiple individual tests....so there may be more than one simple A/B test group....

Obvously the latter does not help for your current Spanish tree and reached level 13.
The other problem is that it is already known that people on IOS sometimes get switched back and forth in the A/B test groups....so you either get health...or once you were in (and bought Gems) you may suddenly fall out of it, which had happend to at least one user who posted on the forum about that fact (so being put back to Lingots, he lost his spent real money on Gems).

You can even install the Android DuoLingo app on Bluestacks@Windows/PC (Android emulator) to give that app a go, which does NOT use health/gems.

There is another problem on the later Android app versions:
Strengthen excercises only use the timed practice, like it is available on the website.
Too bad that there is no history, so you would know what older apk version to fall back.
Update: According to two very fresh forum postings, the Android app "strengthening excercise" is back to normal state, without the timer.


Does the strength shown by the skill strength viewer correspond to the strength bars shown in the tree?


Strength viewer shows percentages.
After I refreshed skill "Reminder", the viewer shows now ~54% while the tree skill is re-goldened.

I have no idea how that numbers could relate to the strength bars and to the words strength in your words list (as the word strength shall be a concrete number).
Well, I do not really care :-)
But this tree viewer update for the new Duo portal gives a great overview what skill I could click on manually for strengthening to fight against being presented words/skills from early skills/top tree.

Skill Strength viewer
0.0 %Verbs: Past
7.6 %Verbs: Present 2
8.7 %Verbs: Infinitive 1
11.2 %Numbers
17.4 %Adjectives 1
19.1 %Pronouns
22.5 %Countries
29.6 %Verbs: Present 1
30.2 %Adverbs
31.5 %Tu or Você
31.6 %Adjectives 2
36.5 %Clitic Pronouns
37.6 %Sizes
38.0 %Questions
40.8 %To Be: Ser/Estar
41.6 %Colors
45.3 %Clothing
49.8 %Occupations
52.6 %Household
54.1 %Determiners
55.4 %Measurements
55.6 %Dates and Time
58.0 %Family
58.1 %Possessives
61.3 %Basics 2
75.5 %Food
76.2 %Prepositions
76.6 %Verbs: Present 3
78.9 %Conjunctions
79.4 %Basics 1
79.5 %Plurals
81.4 %Food 2
83.2 %Common Phrases
84.0 %Animals
94.9 %Places

Overall Strength: 42.0 %
Dead Words (0 Strength): 286/1490

As you can see I am for now way more active with reviewing all that PT vocabulary on Memrise (including 5 offical PT1-5 courses) than on DuoLingo ;)

BTW: And I really really miss the "DuoLessonsFix" script for stopping the timer for timed practices.

Somehow it just pisses me off that I lost all feature functionality of all those great 10-12 user scripts and old portal.

I can not even click on a locked grammar skill in my PT tree anymore.
It really sucks^2^10.


I agree - it is a real nuisance and retards learning.

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