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  5. "It takes nine days."

"It takes nine days."


July 5, 2017



九日かかります 。

Which, in hiragana, is, ここのかかかります。

Say it three times fast. I triple-dog dare you.


Done it, EZ PZ


I wish it read the kanji out especially for dates. There are some special rules with how you pronounce numbers of days! This page has a good section on it: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar/numbers


I think it's frustrating how they put the boxes with 九 and 日 separately making it sound like くにち when it should sound like ここのか. Or ここのか is only for dates and when counting days I should use くにち?


It is for both, with the exception of "one day" vs "the first day". I have been reporting the audio as incorrect, although I'm unsure whether it's possible to fix it


I get where you're coming from, but this sort of thing will end up teaching you more. Though I understand the frustration. It is correct that 九 and 日 separately are きゅう and にち, respectively, but together 九日 is ここのか. It's just one of those weird things languages have. English has just as many, I assure you.

Knowing how different kanji sound/what they mean by themselves as well how they are together will keep you streets ahead. That way you have some knowledge base if you find a new word that uses a kanji you already know. You might even be able to guess the meaning of new words like that once you know enough. Avoiding that frustration you're feeling will just leave you streets behind.




Is the pronounciation wrong for this one?


The pronunciation of amounts of time and days of the month are the same except the 1st day of the month - いちにち for period of one day and ついたち for the 1st day of month


I think so. From what I understood, kokonoka was the ninth day of the month. For a period of nine days, I think you read kyuu nichi


The kanji 掛かる should be accepted.


The kanji for かかる is not commonly used, so duolingo won't accept it. Duolingo is trying to teach what you would say most commonly, that's why so far they've only taught the polite forms, so using an uncommonly used kanji wouldn't be helpful at all.


I believe the pronunciation for 'nine days' is くにち or きゅうにち, not ここのか as that would be in 'ninth of the month'. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but according to all the grammar I've looked through it seems to be right...


No, ここのか is both "the ninth day of the month", and "nine days." The only reading that changes between the two is 一日、which is pronounced いちにち for "one day", and ついたち for "first day of the month."


Oh, then I got it all wrong. Sorry and thank you very much for clearing it out!


No problem, and don't worry about it, we all mix things up from time to time.

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