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'das Städtchen' vs. 'die kleine Stadt'

  1. Why does the sentence "Ich werde ihn für den Job in Betracht ziehen," mean "I am will consider him for the job,"? What is the difference between in Betracht ziehen, erwägen and berücksichtigen?

  2. What is the difference between das Städtchen and die kleine Stadt? They both mean The small city.

LG Jason

July 6, 2017



These are answers which are very difficult to answer.

Generally: We all express our feelings with language and there are many different ways to say same thing with partly slightly different connotations in all languages, which are not covered by rules and official explanations.

First your second question, because it is more easy: Yes, both expressions mean the same. But in my feeling, The small town is only an information just as it is: a small town, no more no less, but otherwise Städtchen is more like a 'belittlement', it expresses, that this city is not only small, it is also cute, nice and cosy.

To answer your first question, I would need more time. At the first sight, these expressions means all the same and at the moment, I would say, you can replace them in a sentence without changing the meaning. There may be slight differences, but it may depend on the speaker and his socialization.


To say something is "belittled" usually implies disparagement, which I don't think the -chen suffix necessarily does.


Yes, this is correct. I searched for the German expression "Verniedlichung" and did not know, which English word I should choose, I may decided myself for the wrong one.

As speising wrote: This ending is a diminutive and we use it mainly to either express something small or/and to express, something is very nice, sweet, cute, cosy and so on. So Kätzchen is not only a small cat, it expresses, that the cat is so cute, sweet...that is, what we call "Verniedlichung".

Interestingly the two terms 'Diminutiv' and 'Verniedlichung' are in the same relation of meaning like 'kleine Stadt' and 'Städtchen' or 'kleine Katze' and 'Kätzchen'.


"Städtchen" is a diminutive, with all the conotations that come with that.

"in Betracht ziehen" and "erwägen" are really pretty much interchangeable here, while "berücksichtigen", in my opinion, implies less subjective consideration, more like "he's still on the list", "i'll take him into account".

After further consideration, you could also say that those three phrases are ordered by their strength, how likely it is that he'll actually get the job. if i "ziehe ihn in Betracht", it's pretty likely, if i say i "berücksichtige" him, it's more a "don't call us, we'll call you" thing. But it's subtle.


I don't quite agree with speising (which I guess is from East Austria like me). It's very much a matter of context and also personality of the speaker/writer. I do agree that "in Betracht ziehen" und "erwägen" are pretty much interchangeable, but in my eyes "berücksichtigen" gives a better chance of actually getting the job. But again, it is indeed very subtle. As to "kleine Stadt" und "Städtchen" Inuzuka said it all. I live near a small town, nahe einer kleinen Stadt, which is not pretty or nice or anything a tourist wants to visit at all. While e.g. Steyr in Oberösterreich is a "Städtchen", nice, cosy, picturesque and so on. But again: beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so you can interchange them.

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