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musik für deutsch lernen

Hallo, so, ich bin looking für musik to learn deutsch. any ideas? something slow?

*sorry for my Deutlish (german and English mixed) i'm trying to use the words that ive been learning :)

Danke, Tschüss

July 6, 2017



Perhaps you can take a look at this post I made on Doulingo not too long ago. The post lists various English songs sung in German. Hopefully you can find something you like.


Gern geschehen!


this seems really cool! ill totally check it out!


I don´t understand, why people often ask without more details. So what Musik do you like? I guess, "Die Biene Maja", "Herzilein" or "Katzeklo" may not what you ask for, isn´t it? ;-) :D

What about these (slow German, easy to understand I hope):

BTW: The we call the mixture of German and English 'Denglisch' ;-)


Not to forget the music of Peter Fox, who speaks a quick but very clear German, e.g. "Haus am See" "Wir sind Helden" might be a bit too quick for beginners, but you seem too young for Reinhard Mey, who is slow, with good lyrics, but more like singer-songwriter style.

Stay away from Fredl Fesl or Hans Söllner unless you love Bavarian dialect.


@Hannibal, thanks for the artists, i'm also adding some of their stuff to the playlist also!


danke sehr! thats a good list, i'm adding them to my playlist now!


My favorites are Faun and Nena. Check them out...


NENA! 99 luftballons!

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