"Eu sunt o femeie, nu o fată."

Translation:I am a woman, not a girl.

July 6, 2017

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Why is it femeie now instead of femeia ?


Femeia is "the woman". Here is femeie -> "a woman".


Because it's a woman not the woman


When is the indef. article used? and when it can be omited? I'm still confused about that


I am Romanian so I can explain :))) The definite article is put at the end of words (for example "femeia" instead of "femeie") and it is the equivalent of "the". The indefinite article ("un, o" or "niște") is used when refering to things (such as "un măr" = an apple, "o femeie"= a woman), but it is NOT used when we say something or someone is something; so, "Eu am un măr" is "I have an apple", but "Eu sunt femeie" means "I am a woman" - notice how the indef. article "o" is missing, because we use case 2. I don't really know how to explain so I hope you get the idea, but i'm always happy to help. Good luck in your adventure learning Romanian!!


XOXO to anyone reading this comment right now and much love from Romania : : :*


Romence ne zormuş


I live in Romanian and I have Romanca


It doen't dive you an option for "," and marks it as a mistake. It is not fair. It there anything I can do about it?


All was correctly written and it still said that it's not correct :(


Copy and paste your answer here next time for help. Always double check Duolingo's instructions to you as many different exercises come back to here and sometimes the answer is in Romanian while other times the answer is in English.

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