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petit dejeuner vs dejeuner

1 Can you say breakfast without adding "petit"? 2 What is the difference?

July 6, 2017



These words are not interchangeable and mean to different things:

petit déjeuner = breakfast (in casual speech, shortened to "p'tit déj")

déjeuner = lunch


I agree. In Québec, they say in an other way:

déjeuner = breakfast (France = Petit-déjeuner)

dîner = lunch (France = Déjeuner)

souper = dinner (France = Dîner)


Yes. When I was a child, some people still used in France the same words as in Québec, but the new terms were already becoming prevalent in the cities (not much in the countryside). Now, I think the new terms are used everywhere in France.


Not in France. It looks like Canadian French differs on this point. Think of petit dejeuner as a little lunch (or before noon) and dejeuner as noon or later.


Déjeuner est lunch petit déjeuner est breakfast


It depends, France: déjeuner : lunch petit-déjeuner : breakfast America: déjeuner : breakfast diner : lunch

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