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can someone explain how to work a sentence in french?

hi, I do need to read about this but could you give me a quick insight on how to word sentences in french as i just got given this "C'est vorte jolie robe noire" and i want to fully understand why words go where they do. as noire is in front of robe and jolie is behind?


July 6, 2017



There are certain adjectives that go in front. Jolie is one of them. There is an acronym that can be used, BAGS, beauty, age, goodness and size. Jolie means pretty so it goes in front. All other adjectives come after the word so noire is after the noun. Goodness is really good/bad, so bon and mauvais is in this category.


thank you ill research the BAGS method


Good answer by Robin.

Now, if we add the adjective 'petite' ('small/little' = BAGS), we get: 'jolie petite robe noire'. In English it would be: 'pretty little black dress'. In French, you only have to move the only non-BAGS adjective ('black' = 'noire') after the noun. The two others remain in the same order.

On a side note, you have a typo in your example: it should be 'votre', not 'vorte'.


I dont understand what you mean


Hi Demi!!! I think he's just wondering how to word French sentences. (It's confusing I bet>) Like why the word noire is in front of the word robe, and why Jolie is behind it. Because the sentence goes like this; C'est vorte jolie robe noire. If you know French, Demi, maybe you could help. I'm clueless; ( I don't even know what I just spelled.) Thank you!!!


I read somewhere that the adjective always goes infront of the noun in french? is that why noire (the adjective) is infront of robe (the noun)? but then jolie is an adjective too but that is not infront? if you follow


No in general the adjectives usually go after the noun in French. As mentioned in another response Both English and French is read left to right.


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