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"May I offer you an ice cream?"

Translation:Est-ce que je peux vous offrir une glace ?

July 6, 2017



Is there any reason Puis-je t'offre une glace ? isn't accepted?


You need the infinitive of offer, offrir. Otherwise it's fine.

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Another small point (not a deal-breaker, but), using the inversion form of the question is more formal and so it seems odd to combine it with the informal "te". BTW, Liza is right about the infinitive.


Good to know, but seems strange that the longer sentence is the less formal

[deactivated user]

    I understood that the use of the conditional to express 'may' was acceptable - when being extremely polite. Duo refused this when I suggested 'pourrais-je t'offrir...'


    "proposer" not accepted for "offer", but "payer" is??? Any explanation?


    To complete Maddrex's answer, "offrir" and "payer" work in the sense that you're buying the thing for the person when you're speaking. "Proposer" doesn't necessarily mean you're paying the thing for the person. It's typically what a waiter would say for example.

    Hope it helps


    Hi!:) I will try my best to explain the difference between "proposer" and "offrir" ...

    Offrir- It's when you give a thing to a person which is free, it's a gift. (May I offer you a drink ?)

    Proposer- It's not necessary free, it's a proposition. (" May I offer you to go to cinema? " or " He offered her a ring, she refused "


    None of the above explains why proposer is should not be accepted in this context.


    why is "peux-je vous offrir une glace" incorrect, when "Est-ce que je peux vous offrir une glace" is correct. My answer was corrected to be "Puis-je vous offrir une glace"


    French doesn’t like the sound of Peux-je ?. Instead, when you’re using an inversion, French uses an old conjugation, puis. You can say, “Je peux ?” but always “Puis-je ?


    Although it accepted my "puis-je" it said I had a typo and gave the model sentence as correct with "peux" underlined.


    In fFrench, the best translation is :"Puis-je vous offrir une glace ?"

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