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Reading and speaking German recommendations

I feel I am picking up German well. I really appreciate all that Duo has taught me and continues to teach me. I am looking to double up as I feel I am ready to do so. I am currently using WeSpeke as well as and talking with Germans/German speakers is helping but I wondered if there were any books to be recommended. I adore reading but to begin with they would need not be too complex, however, these are books I will likely be reading in public so I would very much appreciate them not to be children's books. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, Duo is great but I would like to be able to learn whilst walking around. I wondered if there was app or site where you could perhaps plug your hands-free kit into your phone and talk back phrases in German to whit it assesses you on your pronunciation? Something you could do on the move? Thank you!

July 6, 2017

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[deactivated user]

    One option is to use Readlang or LearningWithTexts, put epubs to it and read on the go in your phone or tablet, while comfortably looking up unknown words.

    Would you still be ashamed for literature for older kids, like Harry Potter? That is a very common first choice in various langauges as it is not too hard (actually the books get gradually more complex), people tend to have already read it in their native language, and the translation. In general stuff you have already read in another language could be more accessible in German. Crime novels are often not that hard. But I think your best bet is getting a German version of something you know, like, and won't feel ashamed of. :-)

    You can listen to stuff and repeat without any specific software, your ears will give you a lot of feedback. Much more than apps like Duolingo. However, I'm afraid that talking to yourself (even with the handsfree) may leave a much worse impression than children's books. :-)

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