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1 v 1 game? Upvote so Duo can see

This was posted a year ago but since now lingots are almost worthless and people are just giving them away, we need a game you can play with friends which needs lingots, this will make lingots useful again, UPVOTE so everyone can see this!


July 6, 2017



Duolingo had a feature like this called Duels. It was a 1v1 game where you had to complete exercises faster than your opponent to score points. The reason why Duolingo removed it was because they found that it negatively impacted learning. Duolingo is constantly running A/B tests to find positive learning features, so I highly doubt they would re-add something which negatively impacts learning.


how does it negatively impact learning


If I remember well what was said by staff years ago about that, users that had the Duels feature were (statistically) abandoning more their learning than users without Duels.
Hence Duels were impacting negatively learning as for many users it induced an end of learning.


Ohh i get it, thank you so much for explaining have a lingot


Couldn't be Unscramble words or crosswords games added to each course under entertainment or words game stream?


I think the group feature does that. It makes you work hard to consistently get higher XP to take first place, which then helps you keep scorestreaks, and earn lingots since each 10 day scorestreak is rewarded, not to mention leveling up.

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