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"Do you want a slice or a bigger piece?"

Translation:Tu vrei o felie sau o bucată mai mare?

July 6, 2017



Why is piesă not accepted in place of bucată?


If it's about food, or any portion/fragment that has come off or has been cut, broken etc. from a larger solid, then you say "bucată" in Romanian. So we usually have: bucată=piece.

If it's about a part or spare part of a larger system/machine/machinery, then you say "piesă" in Romanian. Think nuts, bolts, gears and other such doodads. So we usually have: piesă=physical part (of a system). Note that you can also use "piesă" when referring to: a theatrical play (piesă de teatru), a piece of music (piesă muzicală), a piece of clothing (piesă de îmbrăcăminte), a museum piece (piesă de muzeu), a chess piece (piesă de șah), and a few more which I won't cover here.


Thanks. that makes sense.


In another sentence we're supposed to translate pieces of cheese with piesele de brânză. So is that wrong, or is it just not so black and white?


Yes, "piesele de brânză" is definitely wrong. Correct is "bucățile de brânză". You should report that sentence next time you see it.


Thank-you. It would have been nice to have this explanation ahead of time.


If you speak Italian, "boccata" means mouthful, so maybe that can help


Is "Tu vrei o felie ori o bucată mai mare" acceptable? Because it was rejected.

When is 'ori' used instead of 'si'? Does it have anything to do with consonant/vowel of the next word?


The words ori and sau are synonyms, they both mean "or". You can use them interchangeably, so the sentence should have been accepted. Report it next time. Btw, I think you meant to write 'sau' instead of 'și' above. Also, it does not have anything to do with the consonant/vowel of the next word.


I omitted "tu" and used piesă and when I was rejected I checked the questuions because I wrongly thought that I should have used the pronoun. I turns ou that piece has two different words. However in a previous sentence , the one a man has many pieces in a green jar, I used bucați and was accepted and duo used piese. Why either was correct in this sentence and not in the slices you explanation not withstanding?

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