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  5. "Some dogs run."

"Some dogs run."

Translation:Manche Hunde laufen.

July 6, 2017



Can someone explain the difference between etwas and manche in this context?


etwas Wasser "some water; a bit of water; a small quantity of water" (uncountable noun in the singular)

manche Hunde "some dogs; a few dogs; certain dogs (but not others)" (countable noun in the plural)

etwas Hunde would be like "a bit of dogs" :)


What about einige?


einige is similar to manche in meaning "some, several" in terms of existence (Einige Hunde rennen: there exist some dogs such that: they run).

But in sentence such as "I saw some/several dogs", you would only use einige, not manche. (Well, Ich habe manche Hunde gesehen would work but would be existential: I saw some (of the) dogs, i.e. of the dogs in question, you only saw some of them, rather than simply "I saw a small number of dogs" without reference to a larger population).


Well, that needs some time to skin in... Thanks much for your prompt reply, I appreciate it.


So Mr Mizinamo, would it be right to think "manche" means "There exist some dogs, a SUBSET of which are running." whereas "einige" just means "there exist some dogs such that: they run". Is this a more general form of your characterization of the difference between einige and manche?


Why does laufen seem to be used interchangeably for walk and run?


That's just how it is.

The German verb has a range of meanings depending partly on context and partly also on what part of Germany you're from -- the meaning "walk" is more common in the south than in the north, for example.


Why is "renne" not accepted ?


Manche Hunde rennen. "renne" is wrong.


I tried "rennen" as well, even though "renne" was among the suggestions, not "rennen". Still, both are not accepted.


I've added rennen as an alternative translation now.


Thank you for your answer. :)


I put rennen and i got it wrong :( whats the difference between laufen and rennen anyway??


Rennen is like running a race. In most other contexts, laufen would be the accepted term. Walking, jogging, running for fun, basically anything other than racing.


The answer given as correct implies the dogs are walking. The verb should be rennen.


laufen can also mean “run”.


IMO "rennen" is faster than "laufen". When dogs "laufen" they are walking with their owner. When dogs "rennen", the owner usually does not run but is just looking at them.


Why is it Hunde and not Hunden? I thought Hunden was the plural version of dogs (and was a choice in the drop down)


Hunden is specifically dative plural, e.g. mit den Hunden "with the dogs".

But here, you need the nominative plural, which is Hunde.


I thought verbs were always the second position in a sentence??


In a simple sentence ("declarative main clause"), yes.

So also here.

The first position is occupied by the noun phrase manche Hunde, the second by the verb rennen.

"second position" does not (necessarily) mean the second word -- it goes by indivisible sentence units, which can be a single word (in the simplest case), but also, for example, a noun together with an article and an adjective.


I think I'm going to run my head into the wall. Egads!


Why not "irgendwelche"?


I suppose that can be added.

It's a more vague word -- "Some dogs are running, but I'm not sure which ones", or "There are some dogs running there, but I can't identify them or tell you anything about them".


Why etwas hunde laufen wrong?


Because etwas is "some" in the sense of "a little bit of".

You can have etwas Wasser "a little bit of water, some water" or etwas Kuchen "a little bit of cake, some cake" but not etwas Hunde "a little bit of dogs".

It doesn't work with plural countable nouns, only with uncountable (mass) nouns.


I typed in manche Hunde rennen but it said it was supposed to be irgendwelche. Does anyone know what that means?


"Manche Hunde rennen" is one of the correct answers, so if you got dinged for that, perhaps you made a typo, e.g. mache Hunde rennen or manche Hunden rennen or manche Hunde renne.

irgendwelche. Does anyone know what that means?

It's a vague version of "some".


Whats the difference between rennen and laufen?


Why not "Paar Hunde Laufen"?


You can say "ein paar Hunde laufen". But "ein paar" as a phrase needs the article, much as "a couple" or "a few" in English do.

Also, laufen should be lowercase; it's not a noun here.


Why not etwas?

Because that means "some" only in the sense of "a little quantity of".

etwas Milch = ein wenig Milch = some milk = a little bit of milk

But you can't have "a little bit of dogs", so the "some" here does not have this meaning.


I dislike how They use laufen for run when it should be rennen.


Also. (Einige Hunde laufen)


Whoa whoa whoa, i thought running was rennen???!?!?


i thought running was rennen?

That's also a possible translation.

"run" can be rennen or laufen.


why is rennen incorrect?


why is rennen incorrect?

Because rennen only means "run", not "Some dogs run."

What was your entire sentence?


I was under the impression that "manche" means "many" and not "some," and I was curious about this because in English there is a difference between these two (if subtle). Am I wrong about manche meaning "many" instead of "some", or is German just different and uses the same word for both "many" and "some"?


Am I wrong about manche meaning "many" instead of "some"



Has the Manche match with the gender? Like the previous exercise I've made where "jeder" match with the der/die/das


Has the Manche match with the gender?

Yes. Hunde is plural and so manche takes an -e.


Manche Hunde rennen ist absolut richtig übersetzt und müßte von Duo anerkannt werden. Aber leider macht Duo mal wieder, was sie wollen. Das ist sehr ärgerlich. Leider.


Manche Hunde rennen ist absolut richtig übersetzt


und müßte von Duo anerkannt werden

Wird es auch.

Hast du irgendwelche Beweise zum Gegenteil? Ein Screenshot, zum Beispiel, auf dem dieser Satz bei einer Übersetzungsaufgabe abgewiesen wird?

Zeig doch mal bitte -- lad dein Screenshot auf eine Website hoch (z.B. imgur) und sag uns die URL.

Aber leider macht Duo mal wieder, was sie wollen. Das ist sehr ärgerlich. Leider.

Und leider beschweren sich viele Lernende auch nicht nachvollziehbare Weise. Es kann ja keiner sehen, was sie geschrieben haben.


Why is rennen wrong in this sentence?


rennen is accepted (as far as I know). What did you write exactly?

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