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  5. "He does it himself."

"He does it himself."

Translation:O face el însuși.

July 6, 2017



What is the function of the "o" in "o face" in this sentence?


"o" directly corresponds to the English "it".

Romanian doesn't have a gender-neutral third person pronoun; every thing is either a "he" or a "she". Which makes it weird, because the sentence has to contain one of the two gendered pronouns ("o" and "îl"), but what is it referring to? I'm not sure whether we actually think of a concrete noun, but my guess is that it's "acțiunea" (the action) or "chestia" (the thing).

El face acțiunea el însuși. - El o face el însuși.


I'm confused on why an el is required after face. Could someone explain?


Evidently 'el însuși' is the phrase that means 'himself'.

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