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Arbeit macht so richtig spaß, wenn ich richtig zupacken muss.

can anyone help me to translate that? thanks

July 6, 2017



Working is real fun, when I have to work hard.

Notes: 1. I changed Arbeit/work to Working/Arbeiten because theres no article and this sounds better for me. 2. The second part of the sentence might be figurative or literal. I chose the figurative variant, because its meant often like this in german. Possible alternatives - ", when I have to grab things." (Here the meaning is specialiced on the verb, that might be a rare use, but you can create such scenarioes). -> ", when the work keeps me busy." (This is also a figurative way for scenarioes where someone might be happy to work so he forgets about the rest of his life).


maybe you can translate it along those lines: working is fun when I need to get my hands dirty.


Yeah, this isuseful in some cases. I just want to note sich die Hände schmutzig machen -> to get my hands dirty. Its the same / a very similar saying in german. So yeah this can fit depending on the context, but it could be that someone dislikes it, because the german is not "wenn ich mir die Hände schmutzig mache".

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