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Lost my streak

Almost 4 years... >:((
I had forgotten about Duolingo, due to some troubles/worries/occupations. (I don't know if it is expressed correctly. I am not a native and I'm practising by the way).
I had proposed the Duolingo team to preserve the highest number of streak as a badge or a flame in different color, etc. to note that is not an active streak but the highest ever achieved. They didn't care. So I can't remember exactly what it was.
Years earlier I have dedicated a lot of time to help mainly with the Spanish and English courses from several languages. By then, Duolingo was completely or apparently 'uncommercial', free.
I've heard that Duolingo was offering streak restoration for a fee. I couldn't afford. Rather I'm in need now...
Thank you everybody who helped me too in the forums/discussion, volunteers especially. I think I will forget on purpose now, avoiding Duo, so as to forget the streak lost... Bye. I will try to come back just to see if someone responds to this.

Not so much like that, but the picture seemed fine.
July 6, 2017



4 years!! That's amazing, well done for keeping the streak so long. Sorry you lost it :(


Thank you for replying first, though the message had been published incomplete, and now I edited it.


Sorry to see your streak end. It's too bad you did not sign up for the Streak Hall of Fame. Looking at your user code, it looks like you have been active for 3 years, 9 months. Does that sound about right? Remember though, you have the knowledge that you have learned. Best wishes. :)


I had written in a post where a user was making a Streak Hall of Fame, but probably that is not what you're referring to...
Possibly that period of time.
Thank you.


I realize it doesn't do you much good now, but here is the Streak Hall of Fame link, so you're aware of it for the future: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23338410


That's amazing you kept your streak for 4 years! I'm sorry you lost it.


What a pity! But it can unfortunately happen. :( Nevertheless, good luck with your language learning and streak! :)


Awww my apologies. Don't worry. Just knowing that you made it that far is all that matters


Hey it's ok! The goal is to learn a language, not to have a streak. I lost my 589 day streak last January, and now I'm going strong at 152 and I'm learning a ton!

Sorry for your loss though, that's a really good streak. Don't let it get in the way of your learning!

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