German grammar resources

Hi everyone, Duolingo is fantastic and it really helped me to start understanding German but still I cannot make the most simple sentences right bacause all the complicated grammar rules in German that duolingo does not teach. Do you know of a website or any other thing like that focuses on the grammar rules, like order of the sentence, conjugation by gender or time and grammatical cases? Thanks

7/6/2017, 5:48:37 PM

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The very best grammar site I know is (You can click on the little flag in the left-hand upper corner to switch between the language versions).

This is, for example, the page about prepositions:

I hope this helps you.

7/6/2017, 6:03:57 PM

I know what you mean, I have found that Duolingo is better for learning basic vocab than grammar and sentence construction.

7/6/2017, 5:51:58 PM
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