For all those who are taking multiple courses - How confusing does it get?

July 6, 2017


That depends on how closely related the languages are and your own personal abilities.

It can get pretty confusing, but I love it! Writing new vocabulary in each language helps a bit not to get them mixed up. If the languages are very different, like Swahili and Greek or something, it's easier to keep them straight than, say, Russian and Ukrainian. If you want to try another language, go for it!

I'm currently studying German, Norwegian, French, and Russian daily on Doulingo. All of them are quite different from one another, so I rarely if ever confuse them. It really depends on which languages you are learning simultaneously. Are they similar?, or are they vastly different?

Getting things mixed up shouldn't be much of a problem if the you're learning two languages that come from two entirely different language families ( like French and Russian ), but you might encounter a few troubles if you decide to study two languages that are closely related ( like Norwegian and Danish ).

well I'm not sure... I was trying to take Spanish and Portuguese at the same time and they are sister languages, but they are slightly different, and I started to get mixed up.

I had the same problem but then I rejected Portuguese for a few years and now I know Spanish better and I don't have problems with Portuguese.

depending on how similar the courses, they can get pretty jumbled. I am currently doing Spanish and French, and I am doing fine so far.

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