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I do not speak Portuguese! Help me log into English, please.

Eu sou um americano. Eu não leio Português muito bem. Eu quero melhorar o meu espanhol, mas tudo que eu vejo é páginas da web em português.

Como posso registrar em páginas em inglês?

Estou usando o Google Translate para esta mensagem.

March 24, 2014



? Just go to your settings. Click "learning language" and change it into english and click "save changes".


And what would that be on the Portuguese pages?

I'm not seeing any English labels, such as "learning language" ...


The language on the page still shows up in Portuguese.

I have tried every "configuração" I can find under my account and nothing sets the default language to English.

This is wrong: Aprendendo desde 2013-12-12

I signed up this month, not last December. Perhaps it thinks I am someone else, from Brazil?


I'm not sure. Try clicking on the arrow and click something like "eu quero aprender português", and click save changes in whatever it is in portuguese.


Very strange.

That worked, at least for now.

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