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I just left on a trip to learn languages full time for a year!

Hey guys,

About two years ago I discovered Duolingo and the German language. I've absolutely loved learning Deutsch both online here and in-country.

Inspired by this, I quit my job about a month ago and last week I left the UK to start a 12 month trip learning langauges full-time, starting with French!

I'm doing a video blog during my trip, and I wanted to share the trailer here:


Let me know what you think!

Do you have any tips for learning French? I'll be attending a French school for four hours / day, and I started on Monday! Really enjoying it so far.

If you'd like to follow my trip, you can subscribe by clicking here:



July 6, 2017



YES! This is soooo cool Tom!!!
Wish you all the best!

How do you call this type of "Brexit" from the UK? "Lexit"? ;) :-)

Don't forget to also visit some French beaches, do some wave riding / wavekiting, etc.!!

At my local Wakeboarding spot in Germany I had seen a guy with a surfboard and he told me that he is travelling to the Bretagne for wave riding.
You may find further informations about some spots on www.oase.com.

Sorry Tom, I don't have the feeling right now that I could already start with French as my progression (e.g grammar, speaking) and reviewing vocabulary for those many courses of Portuguese still gives me a hard time, even after 8 months....and time is running away...

In another Duo thread I wrote, that I quickly tested my Digital Publishing French CD (native speakers, audio CD , dialog book, native recorded speaker in the software - and she is babbeling in the French language all the time - of course I do not understand any word :( ), which CD is lying around for way too long.

Wow, this DP software gave me IMHO quite a difficult time for the first ~1-2/3 lessons (have not completed them) with all their longer sentences and full dialogs if I should compare it to DuoLingo or Memrise.
But I really would have to start from zero.

This CD (there are actually three including 4 French tests) is IMHO better being used as an upper-beginner - when you do not start from 0,0.

In 2005 I had joined a Berlitz business English course and I really loved to do it full time for a view months.

A real course incl. speaking is IMHO definitely the route to go instead of translating all this more weird language intro like "man/woman/baby....drinks/eats....bread/beer/whine/apple", etc. ;)

I guess you will see a very fast progression quite soon as you don't have to waste your time in only translations....

Please let us know Tom, how many words per hour / day you have to learn and practice / review :-)

I have been rarely learning new 60-70 words / day on Memrise. 15-25/30 new words (sometimes this is a complete Memrise level) is sufficient (for me) and I have enough to do to manage reviewing them daily....and somehow I already have the feeling of "burning out" with reviews of 8 Portuguese courses (I simply can't review finished courses daily).

So I take my hats off for your encouragement to start with French 4 hours per day!!


That sounds amazing man, I wish I was able to do that! Unfortunately the UK isn't a very multilingual country so we have to go elsewhere which can be costly, but good luck learning those languages!


wow good for you =)


can you keep us posted

[deactivated user]

    That's awesome! Have fun!


    Subscribed! I look forward to hearing about your adventures


    I'm so jealous! That sounds amazing.

    [deactivated user]

      Good luck mate. Wish you the best.

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