Do you guys know any website where I can learn to speak French PROPERLY? I will check out all suggestions. So please help me. I'm going to need to be fluent by August but that should be easy seeing as I'm already somewhat fluent. Please comment if you know anything. Thanks in advance :)

July 6, 2017


If this doesn't help just let me know and i'll look some more!!!

Sure!! Why do you need it by August?

Because I want to chat with my French classmates properly in French. They speak English but why not talk in French?

Sorry. This website doesn't quite work for me :(

Ohhhhh; Let me look some more. Give me a minute!!!

:) you're so nice!

(You beginner or not?)

Intermediate-advanced I took a test. I'm advanced

Does it work????

Yes . bless your soul!

I think it will take more than a website to become fluent and it's not something that is usually achieved in a month. Then again, you did say that you're a bit fluent, but try exposing yourself to French media like podcasts or news in French. I don't have any specific websites, but I think you can find a lot of exposure on YouTube. That is, if you're only focusing on speaking French.

Yah, that's a good idea!

Yeah I read and listen to books

I have a friend who used a tutor to learn French :)

J'ai eu un tutor une fois. Je ne sais pas ce qui s'est passé.

oh okay lol maybe try a new one

Thanks! Maybe we'll run into each other again soon! I'm glad i could help you! P.S. I'm sooo glad that we both love God! That makes us sisters!!!

:) I'm glad that you helped me :) and hopefully, we will.

Jesus is lord

Yes he really is

YES!!!! He's everything!

demilade1410 Try this site, you'll probably like it. Good luck!

I tried. It's great but I was actually looking for something free. Like an advanced duolingo sorry. But thanks!

why exactly do you need to be fluent by August

(comment 4 for answer)

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