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Too rapid 'timed practice'

I don't understand how the timer can often be so rapid that one is unable to type quickly enough. And the timing seems to vary so much ~ I can't figure out why and when it will occur. How do the algorithms work on the timed practices: Does it become ever faster as you make progress?

July 6, 2017



Duo gives you a variable amount of seconds according to the length of the sentence, sometimes 5 seconds, sometimes 10 seconds or more.
Before a timed practice, relax.
During the timed practice don't panic if you are running out of time, just leave it and try again.


I've generally only used it when I've been very confident about the material already. It helps also if you can type fairly rapidly in general. As you get questions correct, you get more time until you finish all the questions or run out of time.


I agree that 30 seconds is too short. It was a minute until recently. (About the same time they did away with timed practice in the mobile app.) A minute allowed for answering a question and getting in another or two. Now one loses too much time having to continually start another session.


Share the same sentiment, wish Duolingo would at least factor typing skill. Also in the hurrying to type should you have a spelling error you are unable to make the correction. What a drag!
Thought 'Timed Practice' would improve both my listening, not make me a nervous wreck.


At first i was not happy that it was required but after a few one minute sessions i got into a comfort zone. Then they yanked it way from the mobile app and made it 30 seconds on the regular site. I hope they bring it back at one minute and make it optional for those who do not want it. I will get the more experienced users would opt in.

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