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Learning German on Duolingo

I have been on Duolingo, since March of last year. I have accomplished the following:

German level 25, English level 25 (reverse German tree), German fluency 62%, English fluency 71%, German tree currently golden, Reverse tree currently golden, 237 day streak, 1,372 Lingots, 2440XPs this week, 73,520XPs total,

Time to learn Spanish from German.

July 6, 2017



I think it is very hard especially for English native speakers to learn German. In my experience every German native speaker with the least knowledge of English will immediately speak English to them to improve their language skills (and I am one of those, and as everyone in Germany and Austria - I don't know about Switzerland - learns English at school, everyone has at least a basic knowledge). Yes, Brucethorn, you do still make mistakes. I have learned English for about 30 years by now and I'm sure I still make mistakes, too. I haven't studied day and night throughout the time, and you haven't probably either. So ignore those savage remarks of idiots who try to pull you down.


Since we are helping each other learn languages allow me to rework your writing. I think it is very hard, especially for native English speakers to learn German. In my experience, every native German speaker with at least a little knowledge of English; will immediately speak English so as to improve their own language skills. I am one of those. As everyone in Germany and Austria (I don't know about Switzerland) learns English in school, everyone has at least a basic knowledge of English. Yes, Brucethom, you still make mistakes as we all do. I haven't studied day and night throughout this time and you probably haven't either. So ignore those silly remarks of those who try to pull you down. And please believe me, I am only trying to help you improve your English skills. I'm sure, I made some mistakes with the rewrite.


Good job. Very impressive. Are you already fluent in Spanish?


No, I'm not fluent in Spanish. I've actually been learning German for thirty one years. My goal was/is to become fluent in German. I served in the Army in Berlin from Jun 86 to Jun 88. I continued to learn German over the years, but it was hard. Mainly because, I didn't want to pay to learn. When I discovered Duolingo, my thought was, I finally found something to take my German to the next level. I wanted to get my German to a high level and concentrated on that. Now, I feel my German is pretty good and learning Spanish from German will take it to an even higher level.


Excellent - great work


Now try something like French from German!


Ich werde jetzt, Spanisch von Deutsch lernen. Ich will Spanisch lernen nur um mein Deutsch zu verbessern. It's the simple part of German that makes it hard. The der, die, das. If you don't know which article goes with which noun, you can't get the case right. Practice makes the master, so to speak. Learning Spanish from German will further strengthen, the der, die, das. Ich weise: die Musik, der Mann, die Frau, das Licht, der Vogel, der Junge, der Richter, der Rechtanwalt, das Spiel, etc. without fail. However, die Arbeit is perhaps der Arbeit.


It is "die Arbeit", but it is "das Deutsch" and therefore "um mein Deutsch zu verbessern". But this is the only gender mistake I found, so congratulations. And yes, German genders are hell. I only know them because it's my mothertongue.


Thanks, I corrected my error. I appreciate, you pointing that out.


Do you feel like you can have a decent conversation with a german?


I was having decent conversations with Germans, when I left Berlin in 1988. I took two German classes with the University of Maryland, spoke German everyday with my German Coworkers, listened to Berlitz tapes at night, etc. My wife had a German friend when I went to Maryland in June of 88, I spoke with her a lot. Since I left the Army in August of 2000, native German speakers are hard to find. Occasionally, a native German will walk by my house even now. I take every opportunity to speak with them.


Congratulations! Doesn't it feel satisfying looking back on all your progress? Have you picked up any simple books yet?


Meinen Sie das ernst? Simple books, that's a joke. I read my news in German.


That's cool. It's kind of a general consensus that after finishing a Duolingo tree, it can boost you up to the A2 level of that language. After that, most people start reading children's books and work their way up to more advanced reading materials. However, I'm glad that you can understand German news!


I'm very pleased with how Duolingo keeps this a nice and safe place for learning as much as they can. I sent Duolingo a copy of what that abusive person was saying to you and his foul language and I got a response from Duolingo today that they have ended his account and banned him.


Thanks, that's good.


Congratulations! :)

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