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New feature: Translating articles, etc into mother language.

I think it would be a good idea if Duolingo had added a feature that would basically be a person having to translate an article, or story. Basically translating a news article from a country that the person is trying to learn the language from. Example, translating a Spanish article, or any other kind of text into English. The same would apply to all languages. Not sure if this feature is already available, but it would be nice if it were added if not already.

July 6, 2017



There was a feature like this called immersion but it's been removed. A very small percentage of members actually used it.


...But doesn't a small percentage of "users" use Duolingo in general?


A very small percentage that still translated to tens of thousands of users. :( :(



Duolingo are currently testing out a new feature called 'Stories' which gets you to translate and understand short stories in another language. During this Beta stage it's only available in Spanish and Portuguese. Here's the link - https://stories.duolingo.com/


I love Duolingo Stories, they use much more natural language than the main Duo. But they don't involve translation. Thay have small exercises, but everything is in L2, the target language. Which is another reason I like them. Currently they also include German and French. Oh, and they contribute to your overall daily score.


Do you mean a website like http://translatihan.com/ , or do you mean immersion is coming back to Duolingo?


Yes, a website like Translatihan or yes immersion is coming back to Duo...or yes to both? haha :)


That was immersion. RIP Immersion :'(


I reall enjoyed all the Spanish stories and would love there to be more as I have now completed all of the ones so far. It would also be good if the language used in the sories was added to the Spanish tree so that people could strengthen and add to their vocabulary. I wish Immersion had been around when I started learning Spanish as I'd definitely have used it, so hope Duo brings it back.

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