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  5. "Will you hire her?"

"Will you hire her?"

Translation:Werden Sie sie einstellen?

July 6, 2017



I thought the German word for her was ihr?


English has merged the dative and accusative cases into a single objective case.

Objective-case "her" can thus correspond to German dative ihr or accusative sie.

In this case, it's the direct object of einstellen and so you need the accusative case: sie.


Thank you. That is an excellent explanation.


Why is the informal form not accepted on this question? "Wirst du sie entstellen?".


You used the wrong verb -- jemanden entstellen is to disfigure someone. You need einstellen, to hire.


Because Duolingo is trash when it comes to completing its curriculum. It could take 10 years for the answers to get fixed, because WE do it, for free.


I tried "Werden Sie sie heuern" as Mieten, Vermieten and Einstellen all seemed to be more aimed at renting something like a car rather than employing somebody temporarily. Am I off track here?


jemanden einstellen is to hire an employee. It's not used for cars or objects.

vermieten is to hire out (i.e. to lend something in exchange for money).

heuern is not a common verb; I'm not sure when I would use it. anheuern might be used for employing a sailor, but it sounds a bit odd outside of a nautical context.

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