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"Das ist nicht mein Schlafzimmer."

Translation:That is not my bedroom.

March 6, 2013



Would it matter if "nicht" was placed after Schlafzimmer?


"Das ist mein Schlafzimmer nicht!" Sounds a bit dramatic, archaic and pompous.

Not grammatically wrong, though.

You would hear this rather on theater than in real life.


Does it apply for all cases? Since Duo sometimes put nicht at the end of sentence


If you’re negating a particular element of the sentence (an adjective, an object, an adverb, etc), then you should place nicht directly before it.

For example: Sie trinkt nicht gern Bier (She doesn't like drinking BEER)

If you’re negating the entire idea of the sentence, or the verb itself, then nicht should go as far toward the end as possible.

For example: Sie singt nicht (She does not sing)


Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think "nicht" would come after the akkusativ object. Since the sentence uses "sein" to compare "Das" and "mein Schlafzimmer" they are both nominativ and so "nicht" comes before.

Does that sound right?


That sounds wrong to me.


I would've thought it should be "kein" in this case.


"Das ist kein Schlafzimmer" would translate as "That is not a bedroom".


Yes it matter for adjective I think


Does word-order change according to the emphasis of the sentence?
Comparing "That is not my bedroom (it is dan's bedroom)", and "That is not my bedroom (it is my living room)" - should 'nicht' be placed in a different place?


I hope I never have to use this sentence in an exasperated manner...


I translated it as sleeping chamber. Duo declined. I feel so down right now. I mean, when else will I make a guess so epic and so true, and how could it have been denied?


I'm surprised that bedroom isn't "Schlafraum". I know the Germans like to put together words to make a new one (see Haustier and Unterwasserboot) !


The rooms in a flat or hosue to live in are usually "Zimmer". Schlafzimmer - bedroom, Wohnzimmer - living room, Esszimmer - dining room, Bad(ezimmer) - bath room...


why isn't it "It is not my bedroom"?


That would be "Es ist nicht mein Schlafzimmer".


Yep, don't confuse "das" (that, this) with "es" (it).


Not an English word when put together, but 'sleeping room' could be used instead of bedroom. Granted everyone would look at you like you grew a second head.


Why can't you say "That is not my room."? I think it's a given you sleep in your (own) room, right? I wouldn't say that is my bedroom, I'd just say "it's my room". I think the same thing is meant in German, is it not?


Maybe because some people have more than one room in their house...


I agree. In the parts of the US where I have lived, people would use "my room" interchangeably with "my bedroom." Since it's shorter, "my room" is probably used more often.


Ok i put das ist nicht meine Schlafzimmer. Instead of das ist nicht mein Schlafzimmer. What is the difference between mein and meine


Mein is for masculine (der) and neuter (das), meine for feminine (die)


So "mein Schlafzimmer" is in the accusative case here?


isn't sleeping room exactly the same as bedroom


Man, how many times have you woken up and said that? Last night must have been crazy!


Why doesnt sleeping room count?


Because that's not what is said in English


After hardcore clubbing night.


Why is "THIS is not my bedroom" acceptable as a translation for "Das ist nicht mein Schlafzimmer."? The suggested answer is "THAT" instead.


Phrases like "this is/that is" and even "those are"/these are" are commonly translated to German using "das" (for the latter two in combination with a plural verb). For "this" and "these" you can use "dies" instead, but most of the time you don't.

Note that this is different from the situation, where "that", "this", "those" and "these" are standing directly in front of a noun. Then you have to differentiate and use the fully declined versions.


Can anybody tell me why "sleeping room" is not an acceptable translation for Schlafzimmer?


Because it is not how it is usually called in English.


There is even a British movie called "The sleeping room" for god's sake. I mean seriously, it's maybe not like the most popular option, but definiately a correct one.


A "sleeping room" would be a "Schlafsaal" in German. It is not an ordinary bedroom, but some kind of dormitory for many people.


Well, I see your point, but I disagree :D For a moment I was confused that maybe it's me getting the english words wrong, but I googled just to be sure. Just take a look at the pictures that are beeing returned for "sleeping room". Does any of them look like a dorm?


What about 'sleeping room' written separately?

I think I've heard such word before?


Sleepingroom is not right?


That isn't an English word, so no.

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