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Do you really get fluent using this courses?

I'm new here, and i want to know if these courses really help you to be fluent in german or any other languages without taking classes anywhere. Just really using this website. If you used this course and you feel fluent in german, please tell me how much time it took to learn. Thanks!

July 7, 2017



Doulingo won't get you to fluency. But from what I've heard, Doulingo will teach you enough to have small ( not too complex ) conversations and enough to get around as a tourist. Doulingo is a good way to begin a learning a language, but you will have to continue your studying elsewhere if you want to achieve fluency.


I'll elaborate on that. I'll assume that by fluent you mean that you'll have the ability to converse and read and write the given language to the ability of someone in say upper primary school. Like no essays or being able to write novels but you can speak to the point where you can watch movies per say. Duolingo won't get you to that point but if you use all the resources Duo does give you and work at it, you should be able to construct sentences and read and write adequately. (Speaking won't be as good). This being because Duolingo does not immerse you into the language.

If you used Duo and maybe visited a country that speaks that language for a few months or so and you use that language in real life than I would be confident that you could be fluent. So far I have finished a tree and am focusing on finishing the two I am currently working on. After that I will choose which language I enjoyed the most and work on that language until I am fluent.


25 days to finish a tree; not even close to fluency, but reading comprehension is not bad. Can't follow the news on the radio; only grab a word here or there. Can read and understand children's stories, which is cool.


How long did you spend everyday if it only took you less than a month?


No, but it lays a foundation of basic vocabulary and grammar.


It won't get you fluent but close to literate. You'll need to use other sources. It'll get you to B1, maybe B2 if you're lucky and really smart. You won't be able to speak well, but you'll be able to read and write well.


No, Duolingo is only for the first stage of learning or brushing up a language.

Neither the levels in Duolingo nor Duolingo's "Fluency %" are related to your actual fluency and knowledge in your daily life. Just ignore them. Enjoy this very nice course, it is a good start for learning German.

Will you understand EVERYTHING a German is saying to you?

Not at all. But you can try it yourself, when you have finished the course. Here are links to discussions with resources:
- https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4001283
- https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22843151
- https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14381497

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