"Ninapenda watu waaminifu"

Translation:I like honest people

July 7, 2017

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Where can i find the grammar rules while using the Duolingo App? unfortunaly i can't use a PC at the moment...


"watu waaminifu" can also refer to trust worthy people.


Yes, just like the dictionary hints say.


Can you explain, why it is "waaminifu"? It's m/wa-class, the stem is "-aminifu" with a vowel "a". So, following the rules it should be "waminifu". What is right?


often (and I can't currently think of an outlier), if an adjective stem begins with 'a', you will still use 'wa' at the beginning in the M/Wa plural


Further practice:

  • Ninapenda watu waaminifu. - I like honest people.
  • Unapenda watu waaminifu. - You like honest people.
  • Anapenda watu waaminifu. - He/She likes honest people.
  • Tunapenda watu waaminifu. - We like honest people.
  • Mnapenda watu waaminifu. - You like honest people.
  • Wanapenda watu waaminifu. - They like honest people.

  • (Hawapendi watu waaminifu. - They don't like honest people. [?])

  • (Watu waaminifu wananipenda. Honest people like/love me. [?])

(I'm guessing the negative form and object pronouns.)


This sentence is the truth!

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