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  5. Die, Der and Das :(


Die, Der and Das :(

I thought those 3 functions are only for "The" I'm always getting confused :( can someone help me a tinsy bit?

July 7, 2017



Could you please explain in detail, what problems you have? From your question, we can only guess...

If it is, when to use 'der', 'die' or das...although there are some rules, but honestly you have to learn it by heart.


In German, there are also four cases. You have to know the direct article to get the case right. So always learn the direct article with the noun. Der Mann, die Frau, das Buch. This is very important in reality, if you desire to become fluent in the language. So you write, ich esse den Apfel. I eat the apple. der Apfel becomes den Apfel. This is the way German, identifies the direct object in this example. Duolingo is great, because you get instant feedback as you learn.


There are more than these three, and the also can be used as relative pronouns.


Open Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com) in the "Desktop mode" of your browser

  • many skills have grammar "Tips and notes" under their lessons
  • the three grammatical genders (der, die, das) are explained in the skills "Basics 1" and "The"
  • German cases are explained in the skills "Accusative Case", "Dative Case" and "Genitive Case"

Here is a link to a website with an overview for:
German declension: The nominative, accusative, dative and genitive cases. The declension of nouns, adjectives, articles and numbers.

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