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  5. "Move toward me."

"Move toward me."

Translation:Avance vers moi.

July 7, 2017



bouger means to move without a precise direction

avancer can mean to move forward (and so has a sense of direction)


ne bougez d’ici – don’t move from here
que personne ne bouge! - nobody move!
J'ai bougé la souris et son écran d'ordinateur s'est allumé. - I moved the mouse and his computer screen came on
Il est le seul qui ait besoin de bouger. – He is the only one who needs to move
Est-ce que tu peux bouger tes affaires, s'il te plaît - Could you move your stuff please
Pourriez vous m'aider à bouger ceci plait - could you help me move this please
Avance de deux pas. – Take two steps forwards
Avancez, le feu est vert ! - Go ahead, the light is green!


Yep nicholas_ashley is right. I'm just adding that in modern-day French, you'd say "ne bougez pas d’ici – don’t move from here". If you omit the "pas" and only form your negations with the "ne", you'll sound like Louis XIV.

Hope it helps


the hints say "demenager" (with the accents) for "move"; but then it is not accepted


"Approche moi" would not be an accurate translation for this?


Why is "Bougez vers moi" not accepted?

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