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  5. "Eu sunt chimistă, tu?"

"Eu sunt chimistă, tu?"

Translation:I am a chemist, you?

July 7, 2017



Native English speaker here! "I am a chemist, you?" sounds quite abrupt in English. "I am a chemist, what about you?" or "how about you" is what would be said in polite company.


Technically, in English, this should be TWO sentences: "I am a chemist. You?" or, more appropriately: "I am a chemist, and you?"


I'm not a native speaker of english, but should i report the sentence "i am a chemist, are you?" as valid? Thank you.


"and you (are)?" sounds better


I have thankyou for agreeing with that statement x


Question for duo lingo!!
After a year, the answer is still the same. Does any one do something about it???? I am dutch, but you can not translate it like this.


Corry..the only way is to report the error time and again.../steeds weer opnieuw melden/rapporteren ! het kan helaas niet anders


This is not natural in English!!! This whole section needs to be revised. The English translations are atrocious. A more natural solution would be, "I am a chemist, and you?"


chris..please read the comments of other students...nobody agrees with the translation of DL....!! Dl just wants us to learn words, without keeping in mind that a translation should cover the Romanian sentence in a proper and understandable way...especially for non english students this is indeed "atrocious"!!

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