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what is the difference between mon and mienne? are there sentences when you can use mon, but not mienne? could use some examples please

July 7, 2017



Mienne means mine and mon means my. So you cannot say 'give me mine pencil,'now can you? Instead you say ' give me MY pencil.' And you can't say 'that bag is my.' You say 'that bag is mine.' Am I right?


You're correct, but it's slightly more complex than that, because mien/mienne is always preceded by a definite article, and also agrees in gender and number:

C'est mon sac -> C'est le mien (it's my bag -> it's mine)

C'est ma voiture -> C'est la mienne (it's my car -> it's mine)

Ce sont mes sacs -> Ce sont les miens (these are my bags -> these are mine)

Ce sont mes voitures - Ce sont les miennes (these are my cars -> these are mine)

Other possessive pronouns also have the same distinctions:

ton / ta / tes -> le tien / la tienne / les tiens / les tiennes (your -> yours)

son / sa / ses -> le sien / la sienne / les siens / les siennes (his/her/its -> his/hers/its)

notre / nos -> le nôtre / la nôtre / les nôtres (our -> ours)

votre / vos -> le vôtre / la vôtre / les vôtres (your -> yours)

leur / leurs -> le leur / la leur / les leurs (their -> theirs)


but it's slightly more complex than that, because mien/mienne is always preceded by a definite article

Note that in formal and literature, you can find it used without an article as mien(ne)(s) is an adjective, while le(la/les) mien(ne)(s) is the pronoun (and same for other persons).
Just one example which is not too much formal/literature: Je fais mien votre argument..


were you talking to me?????


But when do I use my and when do I use mine? I'm not english native


Mon = My (masculine) & (La) mienne = Mine (feminine)

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