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Separate XP for each language

I have been thinking about this for a while and thought that I might as well ask if it might be a possibility for Duolingo develop this idea.

I am learning both Danish and French on Duolingo and my daily goal is 50 XP. However, I have noticed that I work more on Danish than French or I do all the 50 XP in Danish and then I don't have the incentive to work on my French.

Is it possible to separate the goals, where you can choose to, for example, either do 50 XP in both languages, or 10 XP in French, 40 XP in Danish?

I hope my question makes sense. Just curious.

July 7, 2017


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you could go extreme and create a separate account for each language you learn :-)


Good workaround suggestion!


That might be a good idea :) thanks


they used to do that some time ago here


No it's not possible. You can make sure you do it, write it down or something. Or you can just learn both per day.


:/ it's unfortunate that it hasn't been made possible. Writing it down would probably be a good idea, or I could just do 50 XP in both everyday


Duolingo used to offer separate streak per course (I think at one point the app and website approached this differently, one with separate streaks, one with same. I may have been part of a test group though.) They stopped doing that though. And the only reason they would drop it is if it degraded majority user experience. So, I doubt they'll bring it back.


:/ it's unfortunate that they stopped it, but I guess they did what was best for the site. Oh well

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