"Vous lisez un livre et je lis un journal."

Translation:You are reading a book and I am reading a newspaper.

March 6, 2013



Hang on a second - in the past when I've accidentally used "the" instead of "a" I've been marked wrongly for it, but in this example the translation for "je lis un journal" according to the official answer is "I am reading the newspaper" even though it is "un" and not "la" journal. Does this mean that it can be interchangeable?

March 24, 2013


I think this is just because of the translation to English. The literal translation is "a newspaper" but, in English, you would almost always say "I'm reading the newspaper" instead of "I'm reading a newspaper".

April 22, 2013


it's "le" journal ;)

August 28, 2014


In all the other cases I was marked correct for translating "un journal" as "a diary", why is it wrong now?

April 4, 2014


I hate it when I'll miss a letter and it marks the whole thing wrong. My keyboard is busted and didn't type the m in 'I'm'

March 7, 2013


If you make a minor mistake (like 'ju' instead of 'je') then it doesn't take away a heart.

March 9, 2013


In some words it does.

March 26, 2013


My impression is that you can have 1 or 2 typos and then it starts to penalise you. I support this because the aim of Duo is to translate the internet which is best done without typos. Aim for excellent, not acceptable.

June 27, 2013


What if you type really fast?

January 6, 2014


Then you will make more mistakes? Maybe a very good autocorrect would help, mine is not very good.

January 17, 2014


Should not be liasons there? Like "voo leezezaaleevre" (instead of "leeze aa leevre") or "Je lizaajoornal" if you know what I mean.

March 10, 2013


i wish i could see the whole conjugation of the verb to read. Je lis is the first person singular and vous lisez is the second person plural, right . But what about the others...

April 2, 2013


If you hover over the word, the meanings show in a box and on the lower left corner of that box, there's an option for you to see the conjugations. :)

April 20, 2013


Wait, what? Are we really supposed to choose 'the newspaper' even though it says 'un journal' because that's what people usually, but not always, say in English?

October 23, 2013


I replied You are reading a book and I am reading the paper. Somewhere in the lessons I had previously replied journal as paper which it is in terminology not papier However this time it was not accepted. And when I report problems to Duolingo they never reply. Any thoughts

April 3, 2014


I translated 'journal' magazine instead of newspaper... In earlier exercises it accepted magazine but now it didn't??

April 29, 2014


vous can also mean they, vous only means you when you are talking to an older person

July 3, 2014


@marialuisa, as far as I know, vous mean "you" in a formal way. "they " would be "ils" or "elles"...

November 20, 2016


When I heard the whole thing at the normal speed, I was like "WHAT??!"

November 20, 2016
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