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How can I block unwanted followers on Tinycards?

I understand how to block followers on the main Duolingo site, but TinyCards profiles do not seem to have the little gear icon to allow me to block unwanted followers on TinyCards. Can someone advise me how to do this please?

July 7, 2017



I don't think you can block them.


Another option then -- Can I deactivate the Tinycards account without deactivating my Duolingo account?


What problem are the followers causing for you?


Inappropriate user names -- I'm a teacher and would like some of my students to use the tinycards, but I don't want them seeing obscene usernames!


It doesn't seem like you should have to create a new account to fix this. My impression is that the Duolingo staff takes that kind of thing seriously, that having an inappropriate user name is a violation of their guidelines, and that the staff will likely take action if the abuse is reported.

The help section in the Duolingo website lists three ways of reporting abuse; perhaps you could try these and let us know if you get a response (I am sure there are or will be other teachers in your position). You might also get responses in the Educators forum.

1) contact a moderator - some moderators/staff I've seen posting in the Educators forum are vivsaurus, EvanMallory, erdnuss, and HelpfulDuo

2) email abuse@duolingo.com

3) post a bug report and choose "Report Abuse" as the type of issue

Here is the link to file a bug report: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thanks for this. I have posted a bug report and am awaiting a response. Ideally I'd like to set up a classroom that allows me to use Tinycards but I can't yet see how to do this. Cheers

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