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Can't access more lessons

So I've "mastered" the first 6 sections of german but the next ones are all grey, what do I do? Do i have to wait till another day or something?

June 26, 2012



I have ¨mastered ¨all the lessons on the first page , mid-way through Level 15 in Spanish . How do I go on to more lessons ? Too electronically impaired to figure it out !


I am having the same problem with French....I've done basics 1, 2, phrases...the rest are all grayed out.


Thanks. We're working on fixing this.


I have the same problem. Thank you for working on it, Luis. I can't wait to access more lessons!


The problem should be fixed now. Thanks for your feedback!


I am having this problem too, is anyone else?


I have the same problem.


You have lessons available in two skills: "Food" and "Animals". When you finish those lessons, you will unlock more skills in your tree.


I can't seem to access the next lesson in Spanish. I just completed the Basics 2 but it won't let me go to Food. I thought it might be because its strength is 4/5, but I kept working on it and the strength won't go up. Please help!


This was a bug, it should be fixed now. Thanks for your feedback!


I have the same problem with Spanish. Duolingo has taking me up to 49% fluent, but is offering no more lessons.


Sadly i'm having the same problem with you with my German. I've finished all the lessons in Basics 1 and 2 before "Adjectives" with 28% fluency. But the APP on my iphone denies me from moving on to the next skill "Not". Anyone knows what to do? Or is it just a bug?


I'm having a problem with Chinese. I finished all the lessons, and I'm doing them again. Halfway through the second time, I couldn't access the lessons.

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