Des or de

I want to say I like learning new languages and when I search for how to say it I find two different answers.

Would it be: J'aime apprendre des nouvelles langues OR J'aime apprendre de nouvelles langues?

July 7, 2017


In this case the second sentence should be the correct one!

when the adj. comes before the noun we use ''de'' If the adj. comes after the noun like: ( langues nouvelles )'' les'' is better to use than ''des'' in this case. because langues takes the definite article. Hope it helped ! I am not a native and ready to be corrected!

I would say the first one (des), but maybe someone can confirm ?

I thought it was the first one but seeing the second one as an option was a bit confusing. Thanks for the input!

Now I'm wondering whether the first one translates more as 'I like learning some new languages' and not just 'new languages'. Well, we'll see what other people comment! No problem.

Both mean exactly the same thing. The one with 'de' is formal, and the one with 'des' is informal. That is all. In spoken French, we try not to sound formal. Being grammatically correct will often make you sound very pretentious.

Interesting! Thanks for clearing that up.

Thank you so much for that info!

My comment on the bottom of the page just adds on more to this subject, but MarcD50 is correct; both situations work.

I am having problems on this one too. Duoingo has this sentence 'Je mange des fraises rouges' which I thought should have been de, because of the adjective that follows. Elsewhere it has 'Elle a de petits chiens'

La seconde option est correcte. On utlise « de » devant des adjectifs au pluriel qui sont devant le nom. Exemple : J'aime apprendre des langues -- > J'aime apprendre de nouvelles langues.

Il y a plus d'information ici :

If we have adj. After the plural noun we use les right ?

No, we can also use 'des' in this case.

Merci beaucoup !

If you are a native speaker, couldn't you create French club to help beginners?

Clubs only exist on the app, and I do not use it much. Also, I think I help beginners better on this forum than I would with a club. I do not even know how a club could be of any help, to be honest.

Neither do I know about clubs. I thought that would help with native speakers like You! But thanks anyway Marc!

I'm wondering if both would be correct but would mean slightly different things. For example, how would you say "I like to learn about new languages," as compared to "I like to learn new languages," or "I like to learn the new languages."

In the sentence "comment as-tu réussi à apprendre beaucoup de langues?" why isn't it "des langues"

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