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"Nếu tôi bạn, tôi sẽ mua một ngôi nhà ven biển."

Translation:If I were you, I would buy a coastal house.

July 7, 2017



Most English speakers would probably not say "coastal house". "Near the Coast" or "on the coast" would be more likely.


Or even "along the loast" or "by the coast", either way though, it's technically not incorrect.


Would "beach house" be "nhà ven biển"?


It is technically correct.

It is not idiomatic, but it is a grammatically correct English sentence.


Not a great idea with the rising sea level.


In China, they are relocating people away from the coast. In the states, developers are building even more along the water and selling to rich (but stupid) people.


If the current Duo translation is correct, and I believe that it is, then the simple fact seems to be that Vietnamese has no verb forms equivalent to the English subjunctive, conditional and potential forms. The ideas expressed by these forms cannot be left unexpressed in English but are apparently left to be understood from context in Vietnamese. This presents a dilemma for developers of a course like Duo's. Transliteration results in unacceptable English while even close translation (which catches the sense) demands perhaps a bit more sophisticated analysis than the course generally requires. Someone is bound to be dissatisfied with either approach. Nevertheless, since it is the English speaker who is trying to learn Vietnamese and not vice-versa, I think the translations should be in reasonably idiomatic English that is equivalent to the real sense of the Vietnamese. They should be as close as possible to the Vietnamese so long as they sound like natural English. This is just an observation, not a complaint. I appreciate the course and all the effort the moderators put into it.


Wrong :If i is you i will buy a coastal house


If i am you i will buy a coastal house


hallo, is this a dl simplification - or is there no distinct conditional / subjunctive ?


From what I've read, no. The future tense is the subjunctive.


"If I were you, I will buy a coastal house" marked wrong.

I know 'would buy' is more common English, but I have become accustomed to the less-standard English of this course--"She will wish if she can" instead of "She would wish if she could". But again, there is a lack of flexibility and consistency.


you know what? I'm really having a hard time, I just can't wrap my head around. people keep complaining about the poor English displayed in this course. so we rolled up our sleeves, went through the tree and proceeded to remove incorrect sentences. then what now? "why dont they stick to the literal translation? how inconsistent!" damn I just change the answers 2 weeks ago...


The effort is appreciated, some people will be upset no matter what. I think using either direct or indirect translations is fine, so long as one or the other is consistently accepted so that people don't get frustrated.


tại sao là would mà k phải là will vậy ạ.

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