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Finished Swedish tree

Hello friends , I am really happy to tell you that today I finished my Swedish tree... But I am still in the level 15 .. Anyway I have to practice until I reach the 25 th level ... When I saw Duolingo team telling congrats for finishing the tree, I felt really good and blessed to learn an entirety different language .. Lots of thanks to Duolingo team .. Love you Duolingo

July 7, 2017



Good going on completing your tree; it's great accomplishment that I hope to someday fulfill! As for reaching Level 25, you should return to older/weaker skills and lessons where you might have forgotten some of the material covered (to possibly become fluent, you should use resources other than Duolingo).


Thank you .. :) thanks for your advice


Congrats! I'm happy for you! :)


Hello, I am thinking about doing Swedish as a course, could you tell me on how you found your experience on it, and your thoughts and feelings, thanks!


Hai ... I felt learning Swedish is easy.. I enjoyed a lot ... still I have to practice a lot to be fluent in that... I took 2 months for finishing this tree... Hope this will help you


Grattis, väl gjort. Den svenska kurssen är jätte kul!

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