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French-Regional Dialects

Reading some old French books (very old), I came across a book that is written in the Old Burgundian dialect of French (a langue d'oïl). Can someone point me in the direction of some resources that at least lists down a few key differences between Modern French and the Burgundian dialect of French.

Thank you :)

July 7, 2017



I saw this website (http://www.lexilogos.com/bourguignon_dictionnaire.htm) recommended in a different location as a starting point for research, and this book (https://archive.org/details/patois_bourguignon). Can't vouch for either, but looks promising. Good luck!


Lexilogos is a great resource. I think SnapeC needs dictionaries of Old French, though: http://www.lexilogos.com/francais_dictionnaire_ancien.htm. There is a 'Glossaire de la langue d'oïl' (11th-14th centuries) in that list.


Spot on with the book Patois Bourguignon, looks like that would be tremendously useful. Thanks a lot! I see that it's published in Dijon, the book that I'm trying to read, a memoir was also published in Dijon; so definitely on the right track here. So thanks again :D

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