"It is a popular team in Ukraine."

Translation:Це популярна команда в Україні.

July 7, 2017

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    Why це instead ця


    Це means "this is", while ця means "this".


    i wrote у instead of в. looking back, it sounds slightly unnatural in pronunciation. but isn't it still correct, just pronounced a bit strangely because of the у-в sound interchange? it was marked wrong


    Very, very good question.

    On one hand, it's not a strict rule. E.g. "Я у школі" and "Я в школі" are both OK (unless you are writing a homework on у/в interchange and lose points :D).

    On the other hand, команда у Україні just doesn't work. Just. Ugh. Just even try to pronounce it, it sounds retarded X) Like, no matter how you ask I wouldn't add that xD

    Unfortunately it's all messed up like that. A lot goes by the feel and not by the book, which is usually good, but not when you're trying to learn a language :)

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    В Україні це популярна команда - why is this not accepted?

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