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Asking "These are my friends"

If you wanted to specificy your friends in a group of people, would you use the first example below? Or is that not grammatically correct?

Ceux sont mes amis -- These/those are my friends?

Ce sont mes amis -- They are my friends.

July 7, 2017



Hm, my French is a bit rusty from about 40 years ago, but I think in your first sentence, I'd add a "ci" (if I pointed, from a distance, in the direction of where my friends stood):

"Ceux-ci sont mes amis."

"Ce sont mes amis" looks good to me, too. I'd use this one if the friends stood close by.

But let's wait for more opinions.


I agree. Very good. Your french is not so obsolete.

Just one point, you also can say "ceux-là sont mes amis".


Merci beaucoup. Je suis heureuse.

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Voici mes ami(e)s.

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