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  5. "右のボタンをおしてください。"


Translation:Please press the button on the right.

July 7, 2017




[deactivated user]

    Right as in on the right, not as in the correct button.


    Why isn't it バタン?


    Once upon a time, someone decided that ボタン was the closest approximation of what they heard when people said "button", so now that's how they write it. I mean, why not ブタン? Or ボトン? ... This is just the way it is in Japanese.


    That plus there is some actual katakana usage rules in making katakana words, the grammatical conventions of being way past my paygrade...


    They don't often borrow from english really, but whoever they were trading with at the time the word entered the vocabulary. botan/button is Portuguese, doru/dollar is Dutch. It may more closely resemble the pronunciation there. Also, zupon/jupon is French.


    Please push on the right button. Does not work?


    No, probably not. Firstly because you don't normally use "on" with pushing buttons, and secondly because "the right button" is too ambiguous in English (i.e. it could be understood as the opposite of "the wrong button").


    I tried that one too. Got it wrong.


    Is it really botàn and not bòtan?


    I put "Please push button on the right" marks i it wrong and says it's "Please push the button on your right" where did the your come from?


    The correct answer at the top of the discussion is "please push the button on the right". I think the reason your answer was marked wrong wasn't because of "on the right", but because you didn't use "the" with button.


    My answer was "Press the button on the right, please" but it didn't accept. It sounds right to me. Also It says the mistake was on the word "button". Why?


    Crazy - it accepts 'please press the right button' (which is ambiguous and you'd probably avoid saying in English), but not 'please press the button to the right'. Either way, I thought we were learning Japanese, so why am I getting corrected on my English?


    The expected answer at the top of this page is "please press the button on the right", so if you submitted an error report your answer would probably be added to the database eventually. There is no way for course contributors to think of every possible answer and they rely on your feedback.

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