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Guys! It can be done!


P.S.: after having completed the tree (all gold) and doing five exercises daily (insane preset), I found my fluency dropping to 58%. This achievement took 128 exercises in a day (1280 xp). :P

July 7, 2017



lol. Congrats! :D


Way to Go!!!


Well done! Concratulations!!! ; )


Sehr gute Leistung! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, das war gute Arbeit. Wie wirst Du weitermachen?


Danke schön, aber ich bin im ernst schon ein Anfäger! :P Aber Duo hat mich wirklich so viel gelernt! Ich denke, lese und rede bei Deutsch wenn ich kann, und ich werde auf Duo nicht aufgeben!

(Ich hoffe, dass was is geschreibt habe macht Sinn! Hahahahaha. Und Präpositionnen sind schwer!)

I look forward to corrections! ^^


Danke für Deine Antwort. Sie ist sehr gut zu verstehen, but could be even better. Ich gebe dir gern die Korrektur: "Danke schön, aber ich bin im Ernst noch ein Anfänger! Aber Duolingo hat mich so viel gelehrt! Ich denke, lese und rede in deutsch, wenn ich kann und ich werde Duolingo nicht aufgeben! (Ich hoffe, das was ich geschrieben habe, macht Sinn!.........)" And I agree: prepositions are very difficult, I always mix them up in english.


I would say with a 61 percent fluency rating, you are not a beginner. Your writing is, also way to good for a beginner. I am rated 62% fluent by Duolingo, in German. I completed the reverse tree and am rated 71% fluent, in English. After, you reach level 25 do the reverse tree. How long have you been learning German, if you don't mind me asking.


Thanks for the encouragement! I've been learning German for as long as the streak counter says, and pretty much only through Duolingo and practice. I still consider myself a beginner, because I tend to form the basic sentences and even then fail to avoid many errors. But the road to fluency is long and I am actually enjoying it! I think I may have found something that I really enjoy doing.


You are doing well. How are you practicing, just using Duolingo? German, is a lot of fun. Your pronunciation, how are you learning that? I think, Americans would have a very hard time getting that right? You should pay very close attention to the pronunciation, when the lady speaks. Listen to it many times, and try to say it out loud correctly. I assume, you are an American. Is that a correct assumption? By the way, I am an American. I lived in Berlin for two years, 86 to 88 time frame. I have been learning German for thirty one years. If you want some advice, feel free to ask. I would be happy to help.


I'm sure, you won't have any problems in that case. Have fun learning German and good luck.


Practice in the way of speaking it to my friends (thus annoying them and having fun) and strangers on the internet, reading anything German I come accross, mostly shampoo instructions, and just generally trying to think in German (ie. translating).

I am not American. I am from Slovenia. And, while in terms of pronunciation the two languages differ greatly, the expressions are largely very similar. It isn't a problem. :)


Wow!! congratulations ! ;D


Gratuliere! Ich wuenche dir viel Erfolg.


FWIW I studied German 4 years in high school and college, and a while back I lived in Berlin with a non English speaking family, so I became relatively fluent in the language. Duolingo has been an excellent refresher course for me and it's good to see how well you're doing. I usually encourage people to concentrate on vocabulary, word order and grammar in that order. I find I never forget corrections, and I'm especially grateful to the native speakers who take the time to help me out. Ich wuenche dir alles Gute!


Ich bin auf dich stolz!! :)

Unterhältst du dich mit Menschen aus Deutschland, um dein Deutsch zu verbessern?


WOW, I could never have the patience to do that. Good job!


I have also achieved the 61% mark today. After more than two months of keeping 70+ xp rate per day...

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