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Why is "I am cold" shown as J'ai froid, and not Je suis froid?

Why is "I am cold" shown as J'ai froid, and not Je suis froid?

July 7, 2017



Cause in Romantic Languages, "to have cold" is the correct traduction, for example:
-Tengo Frío= I'm cold = I have cold -J'ai froid= I'm cold= I have cold
As you can see, the literal translations is "I have cold", but, that's how romantic languages work.


It's simply the way it is in french - they say "I have cold", just like they say "I have hunger" rather than I am hungry and "I have thirst" rather than I am thirsty. Just something we have to remember :)

Je suis froid is more about your character - to mean cold-hearted & insensitive usually.


Different languages say things in different ways at times. You can't always translate literally word-for-word.

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Because French is not English. French people are asking: "why is it 'I am cold' and not 'I have cold' in English".

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