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I'm also taking a French class in high school

sometimes I don't understand what "la prof" is saying and duolingo puts me one step ahead of the class which is amazing

July 7, 2017



That's awesome. I wish my high school had German when I was in school, but at least they had American Sign Language because now I am studying to be a sign language interpreter.


wow! Really? That's pretty cool! I didn't even know schools taught sign language!


How much time do you spend on Duolingo, and can you cross-train with the vocabulary from schoolwork to be able to jump ahead in Duolingo ?
I am so jealous of this! I am glad too, since most high schools have a foreign-language requirement to graduate I think. I know it helped me understand (stupid) English grammar. Best wishes, here's a lingot.


well since summer break I have been trying to go on Duolingo a lot more since I'm not doing French next year cause I don't have any room in my schedule for school. I finished one year of French already and I'm gonna do my second year of French my junior year. I want to practice so I don't forget anything when I start French again. and thank you for the lingot :)


Just a quick correction, you do not have to have "la" in this case. Translated to english, you'd be saying: "my the teacher", which doesn't really make sense. You don't need to use a determiner before it. You can either say "ma prof" or "la prof".


thank you I just fixed it

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