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Extra sort option in Discussion Stream

IMO there should be an option to sort threads by "Last/latest comment".

That a discussion is new or popular, is not the same as having the latest reply.

And there are often replies in fairly old threads that are newer than those in the newest threads.

July 7, 2017



Moderators have this option. I forget it's there 99.99% of the time. It was more helpful before I was given certain mod tool upgrades. Now it feels mostly obsolete. Language specific mods probably still find it useful when they are unable to locate a GM when someone is rampantly spamming through a forum though.


In "single language -> sentences" they are sorted by latest reply. But otherwise "popular" is the closest you get. But new replies does not guarantee that the thread gets on top of that list.


Yeah, I wonder why they don't offer it for the other forums. What are you mainly looking for from a feature like that in the non-sentence forums? Are you looking for very old discussions to be unearthed so you can check them out? Just curious. ^_^


The need is mainly related to "Danish from English"

While browsing the danish threads, I have seen fairly new replies, which haven't caused the thread to go up the list, under any sorting.
If it is an answer, the person who asked the question are most likely following the thread. -> No Problem But if it a question, then it would be a problem, if noone can see that there are a new question in an old thread.

And that is where "latest reply" would be useful.

I am highly profient in both danish and english and therefore I can answer to pretty much all questions related to danish and/or the translations between the languages (I haven't seen any yet, that i couldn't answer), but if there is no way to know that they are asked due to them being in old threads, they won't be answered to.

I have also seen a lot of fairly important unanswered questions, that I refrained from responding to, due to them being too old. But i guess that most of them are unanswered as the result of noone knowing that they have been asked.

I believe that this extra sort option will prevent a lot of these question from being left unnoticed, or left unanswered until the questioner has given up on learning the language due to too many unanswered questions.


I can’t see my latest reply in sentences either. +1 to be able to see latest posts

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