Chinese update? Been away from the forums.......

Hi, As stated in the title, I've been away from the forums without visiting for several months. Since my last visit, I see that Japanese has been added to the incubator. As they have found a way to teach Asian languages written with characters, has there been any information about Mandarin Chinese? Are they going to release a course for Chinese and if so, when? Thanks and stay awesome! :)

July 7, 2017


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Luis (CEO of Duo) has said on a Reddit forum that they expect Mandarin Chinese to be in the Incubator by late 2017. Other languages such as Latin and Icelandic are expected to be in by late 2018.

July 8, 2017

Thanks for the info. Let's hope it turns out this way. Late 2017 will give me enough time to finish German :D

Yeah, I can't wait until it's added either. However, most courses take about a year in the Incubator, so it's still a while away.

Do you have a source for Latin and Icelandic? Such as a link to where a staff member has said this.

check this out if you want another language like chinese

Thanks, but the link isn't working :/

I find it doesn't work if my UI language is not English. If I change back to English I can open it again.

I can't see Chinese (Mandarin) in the Incubator, so I am assuming it is not been added just yet. Usually if they are planning on releasing a course, they will put it in the Incubator. And if they don't decide to put it in the Incubator, they probably won't announce it either.

Chinese would be a wonderful language to learn, but I think it will be a bit of time before it appears in Duolingo.

Check out Marlowe623307's link if you want to help make a Chinese course for Duolingo.

i'm also hoping for mandarin!

i belive many people want chinese so they might

If there is enough demand for Japanese, then surely there is enough demand for Chinese too. The main thing Japanese has going for it over Chinese is that many anime fans want to learn Japanese. But otherwise, I suspect Chinese is just as popular as Japanese, if not moreso.

You can access Japanese on mobile, actually.

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