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Swahili audio?

Will there be audio files added to the Swahili lessons? I would like to make sure I am pronouncing everything correctly.

July 8, 2017



Yeah having no audio for Swahili is kinda fustrating


yeah , veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery fustrating


The last update I know about was about a month ago which said there would be audio "soon".
At this rate I'm beginning to think High Valyrian for Klingon speakers will be released before there is audio on the Swahili course.


There is still no audio for Swahili...


and still, and still


As many have said, the audio has been recorded and now has to be integrated into the course, which seems to take quite some time. I guess we have to be patient.

What I have been doing to complement my learning of Swahili is using some youtube videos, so that I can make sure that I'm pronuncing correctly.


To build on what PotatoSanta has said, the program(like many duolingo programs I'm sure) has seen many delays in the launch of many of its features. The audio is coming, it is just a question as to when, we can only sit back, be patient, and be thankful for the work that has been put in so far. Polepole.


Here is their month old post saying they will be here in the next week or two https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/sw/en/status However, I don't know if they have explained the delay or if they will still soon be out or not.


Now two months old, but I am sure it will be here one day

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